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DCTG-Don't Cheat The Grind

A word of advice to young professionals


 As I prep for two criminal matters on tomorrow, I cannot thank the staff at the National Criminal Defense College enough for equipping me with invaluable knowledge and skills. I am overly prepared. 

As a young attorney, I frequently go against opposing counsel who sometimes have been practicing law longer than I have been alive.  On one particular matter I was told "your bar roll numbers are too young for this type of case".

The practice of law is not about how old your bar roll number is. It's about the quality and amount of work you put in (the grind). It's about the time you put into your practice. It's about the amount and quality of trainings you attend. It's about the mentors you choose. 

So to that I say, and a word of advice to young professionals, you cannot cheat the grind.  PUT IN THE WORK. There will always be someone more experienced or more well-known, etc. Attend good quality trainings. Read the treatises. Research everything. Ask questions. Practice your strategy, over and over. Reach out to mentors. OUTWORK THEM. 

And as for these criminal matters tomorrow... #HeComingHome #KnowledgeIsPower #DCTG #NCDC

Justice is for Everyone


Proud to be recognized as a member of the Louisiana State Bar's LIFT program, providing equal access to justice for modest means and underrepresented populations in Louisiana. Justice is for everyone, regardless of income, status, race, location, national origin, etc.

Give my office a call to see if you qualify. 318-639-4529 or you can fill out a contact form on my website at

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Thank you Louisiana

For all your support... 


Thank you Louisiana, for all your support, for entrusting my office with your legal needs. This is my passion, my dream, fighting aggressively for my client's rights.  In just a short two months, my clientele has significantly grown. I've fought wrongful terminations, equal pay claims, filed about 15 expungements, and I have criminal defense cases lined up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate the continued support. Personal Injury. Criminal Defense. Employment Discrimination. Contact my office today (318) 639-4529. #AttorneyNatalieBlackman #LawOffice #CriminalDefense #PersonalInjury #EmploymentDiscrimination #Louisiana #BatonRouge #Shreveport #NewOrleans #Lafayette #Alexandria #RepresentationMatters

Freedom Rider

 Harriet Tubman Museum - Macon, GA

Harriet Tubman Museum - Macon, GA

 “If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there's shouting after you, keep going. Don't ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.”

I could not come to Macon, GA and not visit this museum. Harriet Tubman, her courage is beyond inspiring! I live in Louisiana, #1 in the nation (IN THE NATION) for incarceration rates. To visit the museum while attending the National Criminal Defense College is symbolic for me. Similar to Tubman, when I return to Louisiana next week, I plan on setting some people free 💪🏾 #AttorneyNatalieBlackman #NationalCriminalDefenseCollege #Tubman #HarrietTubman #Freedom #Courage #RepresentationMatters