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The Art of Choosing to Respectfully Disagree

We are all entitled to our different opinions. In fact, different opinions are what make a better world. It allows for different views, various perspectives. It allows room for alternative solutions, and most importantly, it allows for education and growth.


Without a doubt, I am boisterous about the things I stand and believe in, but I do not allow that to block me from interacting with others who have totally different views.  Two opposing sides of an issue, refusing to interact with one another, leads to more division.  Is not division what we are fighting against?


Of course, this won't work with everyone. Productive discussions do not include name calling, racial slurs, or stereotypical statements based on belonging to certain groups, professions, race, religion, etc. Dismiss these type of hate-driven people early on. There is nothing you can achieve there. 


Productive discussions, PRODUCTIVE, include confirmed data, facts, listening with an open mind to one another's perspective, looking for common ground, discussing different solutions, and attempting to understand each other's point of view.  At the very least, leave with some insight on the basis of each other's opinion.  And at the end, respectfully agree to disagree :)