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I remember the time I first stepped foot on Southern University campus. I was visiting an older cousin for Spring Break. Everyone was outside, scattered about the lawn at the back of the campus.  I would later find out that this particular are of the campus was called “The Yard”. Everyone seemed so happy, so free, so energized in a way I had never set my eye on before.  My visit there was welcoming.  I immediately felt at home.

A year later, I enrolled and started my own journey at Southern.  It was a roller coaster, an amazing thrill of ups and downs, love and heartbreak, fun and failure, accomplishments and pride. It was at Southern University that I truly experienced life, that I grew the most as a person. It is at Southern University that I gained the skills, the character, the determination to always overcome.  You see, Southern University is not the type of school that makes it easy for you; you are not coddled or picked up off the ground when things get tough. At Southern, you are commanded not to lie there; you are commanded to get up, on your own, because Southern is preparing you for the real world. It is at Southern that the spirit of moving steadily forward, despite struggle, despite obstacles, were instilled in me.

That is why I will always carry It’s name proudly. I will represent the Blue and Gold loudly, because I am SU.

Thank you Southern University.

Natalie Blackman
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